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Toughman Cross Training and Toughman Boxing are conducted in an  indoor/outdoor environment (depending on our great Chicago weather) using a military style format and are designed for all fitness levels. Whether you are a professional athlete or you haven't worked out in years, we promise you will have a great workout.   

Using a blend of cross fit and bootcamp style workouts, Toughman Cross Training sessions are different every day to eliminate boredom and create new challenges.  By integrating push-ups, pull-ups, squats and other strength building exercises with running, sprinting drills and plyometrics designed to increase speed and build cardiovascular endurance, you are guaranteed to lose weight and get fit... FAST.

Toughman Boxing teaches beginner to advanced level fighters the fundamentals of boxing using proper form and technique. Develop speed and power punches as well as the lost art of counter punching. Typical sessions combine shadow boxing, jumping rope, heavy bag, upper cut bag, double end bag and hand mitts. Find out why boxers are often known to be the most well conditioned athletes in the world. 

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